2 traP nosaeR A

As I have said before, I’m great at making up weird titles. 😛

I remember feeling so upset about that goldfish brained Guppy Egg best friend of mine moving to PD…well now after spending a few days with her I don’t feel it at all! I mean seriously, PD is like only an hour away from KL, and we can like..take public transport there or drive, so it’s not that bad. I thought she was gone forever! But then she got her indianet( internet) and phone…and….well now let’s just say I don’t miss her that much.

I love this song even though I don’t understand anything besides the title, hopefully one day someone will translate this for me. I love this song….it’s in my “Happy songs” playlist….I’m serious. I do have a happy song playlist. Most of them are electropop( did I get that right?) or……themes for Pokemon.

Now I’ve got a BRAND NEW REASON not to cry over Carrot Guppy Egg. She’s not that far away, she hasn’t even left the country! I can always ask my mom to drive me there, or her dad can drop her at my place on his way to work. And when all else fails, there’s always good ol’ Facebook and Skype. So it’s not that bad! I’ll still get to see her! 😀



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