Penguins grow on trees

I come up with the most irrelevant titles. Tee hee. 😛

Right so I just got back from PD yesterday, at about 9ish, and after fb-ing for a little while( fyi, a little while means a couple of hours) I went to sleep and woke up because of my grandma’s neighbor’s VERY eggstreamley annoying alarm clock. If you really want to know what it sounds like, listen to THIS:

yes…..YES it is EXACTLY erm…I mean eggzaclee like that! Only an instrumental version….moving on….

Took the bus at 8, got there afternoon, went back to uncle’s condo, had lunch, got rid of—-let’s just skip to the parts that involve me, shall we? Karen’s( she refuses to let me call her Jian Yi!) dad picked me up at 6 something and drove back to PD, then I spent the night doing the usual stuff, you know, catching up, reading, talking, chasing a bat out of your room…


You have no idea how scary it is to be falling asleep on the floor, looking up at the ceiling and seeing a disoriented baby bat fly around.  And ,even though I have no idea how it got in there,  me and Guppy Egg think it got it through the air con…..scary eh? After that the AC( no sponge, not talking about you.) ……just wasn’t cold anymore? so we left the bat and went to JIAN YI’s grandma’s room. The next day we went back, the bat was gone, but the ac was making a REALLY loud noise, and it wasn’t giving off any cold air. At all. so blah blah I have worse-than-a-really-dumb-goldfish memory so don’t expect me to remember anything.


Mmmhmmm……I think we shall skip this part. 😉

OH JA!!! I mean, yeah! CGE got me addicted, I repeat, ADDICTED to K pop….well actually only two songs lah…but it’s a start. (note: they will never, EVER, replace my Kerli and Tokio Hotel so dream on.)

My fave korean song! But it’s snot as nice without Karen! Sob sob….:'(

I can sing this! Don’t believe me? alright here’s my version: “baabyy, I know you think I’m super crazy, cahchahchaa LING DING DONG LING DING DONG LING DINGY DING LINGY DING DING DONG. go chop your credit card!BLABLABLA go kiss a woman girl! You silly girl! something miracle! Funtaastic eeelaaastic! fantastic! elastic!” 

At least…that’s what I heard. You should know I was rolling around laughing just typing that out. We kept trying to do their dance but it’s……impossiblah….so in the end we gave up. and watched this instead….

And yes, you got it right, we started doing the “hello, hello” thing with our hands! It. Was. So. Fun. Muahahahaha!

PS: Strawberry Shortcake, the…..strawberry blonde one DUH! Keeps looking at his bouquet like: “OOOHHH!!! Flowers! OMNOMNOM!”

Of course, before we gave up korean dancing, we tried doing one more song:

Ahhhh….I just LOVE them! They are so cute without trying! Before Karen gave up she was trying to dance like them. You should have seen her. It was HILARIOUS. I didn’t join her of course, I’m not a dancing person, BUT I did do the “washing hands” dance, here’s proof there is such a dance!

DUMBEST CHOREOGRAPHER(hey I spelled that without using google spell checker!) EVER!!! Or maybe he’s just really “creative”. I hate Super Junior. I mean seriously, how is it possible to have 13 members and not ONE single one of them can sing or dance. And on top of that they’re ugly. Moving on…..

Yesterday had Japanese buffet for lunch, but the unfortunate combeenation of tomyam, soba, sushi, and blackcurrent juice gave me a HUGE stomachache. Sob. So I had my ice cream and something called “Supreme monk jumps over the wall to get to the Buddha’s soft porridge” or something like that. Twas snice! 😀

That’s about it. Oh yeah and every time I get back from PD I have a tan….oh fine, I’m tan-er? Anyways if you want a more detailed blog, read Guppy Eggs, over here:

Part 2! Yess!! I was woof-ing her until she hurried up and completed it:

I’m in the title! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Don’t worry if I’m not in it….yet. She’s going to have a part 2…SHE’D BETTER!

Oh yeah one more thing! I’m in love with BookXcess at Amcorp mall….it’s like….bookstore heaven. All the books I’ve ever wanted….less than half price…..ahhh……*dies of happyness *

I got Eoin Colfer’s The Supernaturalist. The original price was RM29.90 but I got it for 12.90! I’ve been wanting to get that book for YEARS but I either never had enough cash with me at the time, or the bookstore didn’t have it. So I’m sooooo happy! And I forced myself to not be so stingy( yes I am quite when it comes to getting stuff) and I bought the book. Less than an hour later, my aunt gave me 50 bucks! 😀

And the moral of THAT is, “The more you give, the more you shall receive.”  Or something like that…..

So that’s it! I’m done for now! Karen’s gonna have to finish the rest!(kehehehehe!)

Until something interesting happens in my life, see ya!