Disappointing “chocolate” fair. :(

Right so I’ve been waiting for this event for WEEKS!!! Me n me family were so excited we couldn’t wait to go, BUT, on the first day it started(today) I already got bad news and a few reviews saying that it wasn’t worth going, waste of time, isn’t even a chocolate fair, and that it doesn’t just sell chocolate.

A few months ago Guppy Egg( that’s my best friend) told me that there was this chocolate fair/workshop thing in KL, unfortunately I couldn’t make it. But I wish I had though, coz she told me it was TONS of fun. :/

And I was so excited, that when I heard about this, I was DYING to go.

See, when you think chocolate fair/exhibition, you think this:

I THINK this is the one I was about to go to……not sure. But yeah, that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to be like.

You also think this:

And this:

Aaaaaah!! *starts drooling

Well 5 minutes ago my friend told me that she wasn’t going because she read the reviews on the FB event page, and they….well let’s just say they made me change my mind. Unfortunately those meanies deleted the posts so I guess all the other chocolate lovers will be dissapointed when they go tomorrow.

Here’s the event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186810714704478

There was a review just now, but I didn’t have a chance to read it.

Here’s the official website: http://www.gotopenang.com/content/3-5-jun-2011-penang-international-chocolate-fair-2011-pisa-0

I am SO disappointed because I LOVE all chocolates but here are a few comments I remember:

Not worth going, waste of time, petrol, money, etc. Not just a chocolate fair, sells Thai food, household items, blablabla sorry my eyes aren’t cameras. If they were they’d be lousy ones. But yes, I am VERY upset, and they DARE put this as their info thingy: “Anybody ♥ chocolate pls dun miss it… muahahahahaa…” Yeah right.  All the people who “<3 chocolate” were disappointed, including me.

This is the first day and they’re going on for another 2 days. I think if you’re not up to everyone’s expectations you should just cancel the thing. I AM SO ANGRY I’M GONNA EXPLODE BECAUSE I’M SO MAD!!! I HATE liars…..stupid heartless people conning everyone else.

I’m not insulting you so please don’t blablabla and all that, just sharing my humble opinion on how FREAKING UPSET I AM!!! So I will take that person-who-got-their-comment-deleted’s advice and run down to the nearest  7-11 or Happy Mart and grab myself a Mars bar.

So dear PISA, or whatever other stupid Penang events that rip people off, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS IT’S ANNOYING WE (or at least I was) WERE EXPECTING SOME GRAND EVENT COMPLETE WITH CHOCOLATE SAMPLING, WORKSHOPS, YOU GET THE IDEA.     SIGNED, ALL PENANGITES.(man I hate that name, let’s call ourselves Penang Peoples! :D)

Have a NICE(even though ur upset already) day! Or rest of the day……I wonder if they’re gonna kill me for posting this ROFL! XD

PS: I gtg nw so plz dn’t call me a dummy fr nt searching the review, k? Peace! (or whatever it is everyone’s saying)