A reason. (lol whatta weird title…..)

Okay haven’t posted anything in a while so finally I have a good reason to post something. I have 15 minutes before my mom picks me up for dinner.

Karen, my best friend, is moving. Well I thought KL was far enough but now she’s moving ALL THE WAY to PD!!! Can you believe it?! So now I guess I have to get my mom to drive me all the way to that…..erm nevermind. Well the point is I am going to miss her a lot, and I’ve always wanted to dedicate this song to somebody, so here it is! This one’s for you Guppy Egg!!!

I KNOW you don’t really like Tokio Hotel, but I’m not asking you to listen to them, I’m asking you to listen to THE SONG. 

“I don’t want to cause you trouble, don’t wanna stay too long, I just came here to say to you, Turn around! I am here! If you want it’s me you’ll see. Doesn’t count, far or near, I can hold you when you reach for me.

If the world makes you confused, and your senses you seem to lose,                                                                                                          If the storm doesn’t want to diffuse, and you just don’t know what to do,

Look around, I am here. Doesn’t count, far or near. I am by your side, just for a little while. We’ll make it if we try.”

Waaaaaaaahhh!!!! I’m gonna miss you so much(more)!!! Hope you have tons more fun in PD, DON’T FORGET ME OKAY??!! *starts crying waterfall   :’)


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