Anything worth having is worth waiting for.I saw a quote yesterday posted by my friend, it made me think about what’s really worth getting or waiting for something better. Most of the time you get something, a book, dvd, game, anything and a few months later something better comes out and you regret getting it a few months earlier just because you were impatient. Here’s the quote:

” The longer you wait for something,the more you appreciate it when you get it,because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for. 🙂 “

So I just thought that was a very nice meaningful quote, I could have written something like that too ya know….just that it wouldn’t sound so fancy and……yeah whatever so just sharing a really nice quote to tell you that( or remind you) HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN BEFORE YOU FINALLY LEARN YOUR LESSON?! Oopsie, sorry didn’t mean to shout! 😛

Whatever worth having is worth waiting for, so if you don’t really NEED it, don’t get it straight away, because there’s always gonna be something better and cheaper in the future. Think of what’s really important, not just something you WANT and get then you’re bored after a week of it.

I learned that lesson with my Sims 3 and my Tokio Hotel Best Of Special Imported Deluxe edition, if I had hopped on a bus to KL and just gotten a normal version 1CD version that was 64.90, my mom wouldn’t have JUST SO HAPPENED to walk by Artist Gallery and found the 2CD 1DVD version and gotten it for me…..all for only 49.90. Someone better get their pricing straight…..And also with my favorite Eoin Colfer book, The Supernaturalist, which was like 29.90, 30, but I got it for 12.90 at BookXcess!( Note to self: must take time to drop by Amcorp Mall whenever I’m in KL)
So that’s it! TTFN! Tiem fro dnnier!


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