Random Post!!!!

Okay so I was drying laundry today, and I just felt happy. I don’t know why, but just living in the moment, being alive, made me feel happy. It could also have been something I ate, like that weird colorful mushroom, but I don’t think that’s it.

I don’t know where I heard this, but there’s this saying, umm….it’s something like you should appreciate what you have? I never really payed attention to that, it was just like some other thing people tell me and nag at me about. But now I really understand what it means. I mean, I never noticed how much I had, compared to other people. I’m not comparing myself but I do think I have a lot to be grateful for…. My friends, my cats, my lovely pink camera named Perry, my mom, everything! I don’t think I want anything (but feel free to get me chocolates!) anymore. I just wanna live, and do the things I really love. I don’t see what you still need if you can stay home and do what you love? (okok remember to feed yourself too?!)

I think a lot of people aren’t grateful for what they have already, There’s a difference between THINKING you’re grateful and actually BEING grateful. I know they will never see this(hopefully…), but THANK YOU naggy family members, after all these years of your nagging I finally do appreciate what I have, and now I’m just happy to be alive and not have zombies chasing me or having to do something I hate. đŸ™‚

And a special thank you to that white butterfly who always greets me every afternoon and makes me think of how beautiful life, MY life, is.


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