Karen’s 13th Birthday…..

Okay….so where do I start? I went to KL for my best friend’s birthday party, and we had a lot of F-U-N!!!!! Since I stayed with her for almost a week, a lot of stuff happened, and I have no idea how to explain them.

DAY 1!

I woke up really early, walked around the pool, went online, took a few pictures, and my mom still wasn’t awake yet. So I had to wait a REALLY long time until about….12? Til we finally got out of the house. Had to take a bus to….err….I kinda forgot where we went( I have a really bad memory I know) and from there we took a taxi to my Karen’s house. Then my mom went back and I stayed with my crazy-umm…I mean my best friend! Yeah that’s right my BFF!!! We went somewhere, again, I can’t remember because I’m HORRIBLE at remembering places and names and stuff like that. Karen and I got each other presents. We got 4 bottles of nail polish( because they were having a buy 2 get 1 free thing!) and my “Paris Hilton” sunglasses and Karen’s….lol I forgot what it looked like hairband. Then we did normal stuff, going online, talking, eating sandwiches, stuff like that. And we talked til 2 in the morning!

DAY 2, DAY 3,

I can’t really remember what happened here, but I THINK we went to the zoo (again!) with CLiC( Adrian, Joyce, Am) and saw a lot of….animals?


Yay!!! Finally!!! Okay so we went to Duta Vista, and there was a LOT of stuff we had to carry! The cake, badminton rackets, FOOD, EVERYTHING! After we brought all the stuff up, Karen, Swathy, and Karen’s grandma started playing cards while we had our supper (curry flavored maggi mee! yay!) After that Swathy ( who apparently used to be a cheerleader), taught us how to do a few….erm I dunno what you call ’em. I found out I could “split” more than Karen or Swathy! We were jumping around like crazy people!  Then we went to our room and talked and talked until Swathy fell asleep and started snoring (LOL?!) So me and Karen talked a little more until we really couldn’t stay awake anymore…ahh…

Next day, Karen’s bday, we woke up and ate breakfast….only we forgot to bring a saucepan or something so we didn’t know how to cook the eggs. In the end, we had to boil them (blech!). We also had cornflakes and sausages( we cooked those by putting them in the microwave). Then….we….went…to…the…POOL!!! I forgot to bring my swimsuit so I had to wear a t-shirt and shorts, Swathy was wearing this REALLY ADORABLE skirt and top that made her look like a cheerleader! (hehe!)  We were splashing around and taking pictures with Karen’s waterprrrrrooooof camelaa! Then Zen Wei (ugh!) came at around 2 and we HAD to get out of the pool….We ordered pizza for lunch, then we played Screaming Scrabble and had Swathy’s mom’s nasi briyani that was really awesome! Then Adrian came and we went back to the pool. There was a penguin there( no, not in the pool!) that was SO cute and I think it wanted to play with us it kept swimming towards us. We went back up, JOYCE (double ugh!) came and we were betting on what she would come out in( $2000 for a dress, right Adrian?) in the end she just came out in her usual clothes. Sneh. Then we “murdered” a few people. The “murdering” caused Karen to scream even MORE! Then we listened to Lady GaGa and had a……..PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

So Adrian shrunk, Joyce scares me, and Zen Wei is still as goody-good as ever. No one has changed at all, we’ve just gotten a little crazier! XD

That’s it! That’s what happened! So me can’t wait till something crazy happens again cuz life has been getting a little….slow recently…..


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