Different types of icing used on cakes

My cupcakes are still baking in the oven, can’t wait to see how they turned out. This post is about different types of icing, for those of you who say that icing that covers cakes are all the same….THEY’RE NOT!!!! That’s why I’m writing this post to tell you how they’re different. 🙂

Let’s start with some plain cupcakes and see the difference………

So plain….needs some decoration. (mine are better :P)

According to the blog theses pics were from, they’re “no-cream” cupcakes. Wonder what they taste like…..

Icing #1 : Buttercream!!!!!!!

Buttercream is the easiest, the ingredients are just sifted icing sugar and softened butter, of course you can add different colors and flavors if you want to. These are what buttercream cupcakes look like…….

They are Hydrangea buttercream cupcakes, which are vanilla buttercake. For buttercream you need to use piping tubes(you can make them out of paper,plastic sheets or buy a plastic one that has a handle.). There are also different kinds of icing tips that have different shapes, so you can make something like this or a smoother version that can make a rose, there are many different kinds so you can make lots of different patterns on your cakes!

The #2 type of icing: Fondant. (It’s yuck for me!)

Fondant is a soft play dough like icing that’s very good for decorating and making figurines. Like this Bunny! Fondant remains soft after decorating and does not completely dry out, though it might form a crust, but never dries hard.

Fondant can be made at home,though of course more people prefer to buy it ready made. Unlike buttercream icing that can be thinned out with water,fondant has to be made from scratch from a different recipe if you want a different consistency.

Fondant definitely melts in warm weather, gets cracks if you freeze it too long, and tastes horrible. It’s just sugar and water-ish, but the taste was really weird for me.

The #3rd and final icing: Royal Icing

This is royal icing, I think you have to use a thinner tube, and you just squeeze it on a stencil and wait for it to dry. Royal Icing dries to bone-hard consistency, making it brittle and easy to crack(like my friend’s 2-month old royal icing cake :P). Royal icing is easy to pour and dries very fast. It is easier to work with compared to fondant, because fondant needs more practice and expertise.

I guess it’s not vegetarian because it has egg white in it.

You can use Royal Icing for cookies too! Doesn’t look that hard does it? These Christmas cookies look nice.

This is a Royal Icing cupcake! Duh. If you look closer you can see the difference between this and a fondant cupcake. I guess you just draw the butterfly on a flat stencil, then stick it on the cupcake and prop the wings up with some crumpled up tissue. When it dries it will stay that shape.

That’s all the types I know of! There are more but these are the most often used ones. Hope you enjoyed reading~

(I posted this on my other account a few months ago, but since I don’t want you to go there, you can just read it here!)


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