Born This Way!

Title says it all! ย I’m a really big GaGa fan! I love all her songs, their meanings, the way she sings them even though the videos are weird and she stutters a lot! I absolutely CANNOT understand why some people DON’T like GaGa! I mean, what’s not to like? She sings, she dances, has catchy songs and is REALLY talented! Now if you don’t like her yer just jealous.

So now I finally have a song I can sing to people who can’t accept me for who I am! Some people can’t help it if they’re different, prefer other things, or just don’t think the way you do. There’s nothing wrong with THEM but if you can’t accept them for who they are, then there may be something wrong with YOU. Yes Ms. Perfect, I don’t know whether you’ll ever find this blog or not, but if you do, there’s something I want to tell you. Yes you. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and reminding me of how much I love myself just they way I are to change to suit YOUR preferences. Everyone’s different, you can’t just force someone to like you and change just to treat you like queen of the world. Nobody can do that……Moms don’t count okay?! They are the only ones who can make you change….your clothes. Other than that yeah no one ELSE can make you change.

So here’s my current favorite song:

4 reasons I gave you the audio:

1. Me no likey the video

2. This loads faster

3. I like the pic

4. Me no likey the video!

Besides, the audio one has more views! (if you can call them “views”)

Here are the lyrics, which make me really hippy happy:

It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
‘Cause you were born this way, baby

My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir
“There’s nothin wrong with lovin who you are”
She said, “’cause he made you perfect, babe”
“So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far,
Listen to me when I say”

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

Ooo there ain’t no other way
Baby I was born this way
Baby I was born this way
Ooo there ain’t no other way
Baby, I was born this way
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way

Don’t be a drag – just be a queen
Don’t be a drag – just be a queen
Don’t be a drag – just be a queen
Don’t be!

Give yourself prudence
And love your friends
Subway kid, rejoice your truth
In the religion of the insecure
I must be myself, respect my youth
A different lover is not a sin
Believe capital H-I-M (hey hey hey)
I love my life I love this record and
Mi amore vole fe yah (love needs faith)

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen
Whether you’re broke or evergreen
You’re black, white, beige, chola descent
You’re lebanese, you’re orient
Whether life’s disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied, or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
‘Cause baby you were born this way
No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life
I’m on the right track baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I’m on the right track baby
I was born to be brave

I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
I’m on the right track baby
I was born this way hey!

Okay I DID copy and paste that. I think the most meaningful part of the song is:

“I’m beautiful in my way, ’cause God makes no mistakes,

I’m on the right track baby I was born this way!”

So yeah I was born THAT way! And I am so sorry if I’m not a goody two shoes like you, don’t give my “BFFs” fancy-shmancy presents, and don’t think the way you do. And the ironic thing is…you LOVE that song! So how can you say that it’s such an awesome and meaningful song, then 10 seconds later tell me I’m so weird? ย Ah well, who cares. I’m ROFL-ing at the irony of that! XD

So that’s it! Just sharing my thoughts and favorite song!


Who says Facebook friends aren’t real friends?

“Who says Facebook friends aren’t real friends? They talk to you if you’re down, send condolences if you’ve lost someone you love, give you birthday wishes on your birthday, enjoying seeing you online everyday,and enjoy the photos and videos you post. Re-post if you love your Facebook friends! “

I saw one of my friends post this, so I re-posted it since I LOVE my FB friends! All of them( if they weren’t nice, I would’ve deleted them!) talk to me when I’m sad, bored, happy. They wish me happy birthday, when some of my “real” friends don’t even do that. The enjoy my videos, pictures, statuses. ย They’re all much better than some of my “real” friends who talk behind myback, lie to me, sometimes I wonder why they call me their “best friend” if they don’t even chat with me!

So this post is mainly a “thank you” to all my facebook/ Pet Society friends, THANK YOU for being my friends, chatting with me when I’m bored, wishing me happy birthday, and all the gifts from Pet Society!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

A very, berry, supa-doopa-whoopa thank you, merci, dank u, terima kasih, salamat, grazie,ย ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†…..okok I am having WAY too much fun with Google translate. ๐Ÿ˜›

If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have someone to talk to, wouldn’t be passionate about anything, and if I never knew you, I’d never know how wonderful and nice people could be! Thank you for not letting me be like those boring people that don’t really love anything and think PS is just another game you abandon after 2 weeks, it’s NOT!!! IT’S SPECIAL! IT’S NOT JUST ANY GAME!!! IT’S…..erm….where was I? Oh right. So thanks tons for being my friends and making my day. ๐Ÿ™‚



Anything worth having is worth waiting for.I saw a quote yesterday posted by my friend, it made me think about what’s really worth getting or waiting for something better. Most of the time you get something, a book, dvd, game, anything and a few months later something better comes out and you regret getting it a few months earlier just because you were impatient. Here’s the quote:

”ย The longer you wait for something,the more you appreciate it when you get it,because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for. ๐Ÿ™‚ “

So I just thought that was a very nice meaningful quote, I could have written something like that too ya know….just that it wouldn’t sound so fancy and……yeah whatever so just sharing a really nice quote to tell you that( or remind you) HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE OVER AND OVER AGAIN BEFORE YOU FINALLY LEARN YOUR LESSON?! Oopsie, sorry didn’t mean to shout! ๐Ÿ˜›

Whatever worth having is worth waiting for, so if you don’t really NEED it, don’t get it straight away, because there’s always gonna be something better and cheaper in the future. Think of what’s really important, not just something you WANT and get then you’re bored after a week of it.

I learned that lesson with my Sims 3 and my Tokio Hotel Best Of Special Imported Deluxe edition, if I had hopped on a bus to KL and just gotten a normal version 1CD version that was 64.90, my mom wouldn’t have JUST SO HAPPENED to walk by Artist Gallery and found the 2CD 1DVD version and gotten it for me…..all for only 49.90. Someone better get their pricing straight…..And also with my favorite Eoin Colfer book, The Supernaturalist, which was like 29.90, 30, but I got it for 12.90 at BookXcess!( Note to self: must take time to drop by Amcorp Mall whenever I’m in KL)
So that’s it! TTFN! Tiem fro dnnier!


Random Post!!!!

Okay so I was drying laundry today, and I just felt happy. I don’t know why, but just living in the moment, being alive, made me feel happy. It could also have been something I ate, like that weird colorful mushroom, but I don’t think that’s it.

I don’t know where I heard this, but there’s this saying, umm….it’s something like you should appreciate what you have? I never really payed attention to that, it was just like some other thing people tell me and nag at me about. But now I really understand what it means. I mean, I never noticed how much I had, compared to other people. I’m not comparing myself but I do think I have a lot to be grateful for…. My friends, my cats, my lovely pink camera named Perry, my mom, everything! I don’t think I want anything (but feel free to get me chocolates!) anymore. I just wanna live, and do the things I really love. I don’t see what you still need if you can stay home and do what you love? (okok remember to feed yourself too?!)

I think a lot of people aren’t grateful for what they have already, There’s a difference between THINKING you’re grateful and actually BEING grateful. I know they will never see this(hopefully…), but THANK YOU naggy family members, after all these years of your nagging I finally do appreciate what I have, and now I’m just happy to be alive and not have zombies chasing me or having to do something I hate. ๐Ÿ™‚

And a special thank you to that white butterfly who always greets me every afternoon and makes me think of how beautiful life, MY life, is.


Karen’s 13th Birthday…..

Okay….so where do I start? I went to KL for my best friend’s birthday party, and we had a lot of F-U-N!!!!! Since I stayed with her for almost a week, a lot of stuff happened, and I have no idea how to explain them.

DAY 1!

I woke up really early, walked around the pool, went online, took a few pictures, and my mom still wasn’t awake yet. So I had to wait a REALLY long time until about….12? Til we finally got out of the house. Had to take a bus to….err….I kinda forgot where we went( I have a really bad memory I know) and from there we took a taxi to my Karen’s house. Then my mom went back and I stayed with my crazy-umm…I mean my best friend! Yeah that’s right my BFF!!! We went somewhere, again, I can’t remember because I’m HORRIBLE at remembering places and names and stuff like that. Karen and I got each other presents. We got 4 bottles of nail polish( because they were having a buy 2 get 1 free thing!) and my “Paris Hilton” sunglasses and Karen’s….lol I forgot what it looked like hairband. Then we did normal stuff, going online, talking, eating sandwiches, stuff like that. And we talked til 2 in the morning!

DAY 2, DAY 3,

I can’t really remember what happened here, but I THINK we went to the zoo (again!) with CLiC( Adrian, Joyce, Am) and saw a lot of….animals?


Yay!!! Finally!!! Okay so we went to Duta Vista, and there was a LOT of stuff we had to carry! The cake, badminton rackets, FOOD, EVERYTHING! After we brought all the stuff up, Karen, Swathy, and Karen’s grandma started playing cards while we had our supper (curry flavored maggi mee! yay!) After that Swathy ( who apparently used to be a cheerleader), taught us how to do a few….erm I dunno what you call ’em. I found out I could “split” more than Karen or Swathy! We were jumping around like crazy people! ย Then we went to our room and talked and talked until Swathy fell asleep and started snoring (LOL?!) So me and Karen talked a little more until we really couldn’t stay awake anymore…ahh…

Next day, Karen’s bday, we woke up and ate breakfast….only we forgot to bring a saucepan or something so we didn’t know how to cook the eggs. In the end, we had to boil them (blech!). We also had cornflakes and sausages( we cooked those by putting them in the microwave). Then….we….went…to…the…POOL!!! I forgot to bring my swimsuit so I had to wear a t-shirt and shorts, Swathy was wearing this REALLY ADORABLE skirt and top that made her look like a cheerleader! (hehe!) ย We were splashing around and taking pictures with Karen’s waterprrrrrooooof camelaa! Then Zen Wei (ugh!) came at around 2 and we HAD to get out of the pool….We ordered pizza for lunch, then we played Screaming Scrabble and had Swathy’s mom’s nasi briyani that was really awesome! Then Adrian came and we went back to the pool. There was a penguin there( no, not in the pool!) that was SO cute and I think it wanted to play with us it kept swimming towards us. We went back up, JOYCE (double ugh!) came and we were betting on what she would come out in( $2000 for a dress, right Adrian?) in the end she just came out in her usual clothes. Sneh. Then we “murdered” a few people. The “murdering” caused Karen to scream even MORE! Then we listened to Lady GaGa and had a……..PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

So Adrian shrunk, Joyce scares me, and Zen Wei is still as goody-good as ever. No one has changed at all, we’ve just gotten a little crazier! XD

That’s it! That’s what happened! So me can’t wait till something crazy happens again cuz life has been getting a little….slow recently…..


Different types of icing used on cakes

My cupcakes are still baking in the oven, can’t wait to see how they turned out. This post is about different types of icing, for those of you who say that icing that covers cakes are all the same….THEY’RE NOT!!!! That’s why I’m writing this post to tell you how they’re different. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s start with some plain cupcakes and see the difference………

So plain….needs some decoration. (mine are better :P)

According to the blog theses pics were from, they’re “no-cream” cupcakes. Wonder what they taste like…..

Icing #1 : Buttercream!!!!!!!

Buttercream is the easiest, the ingredients are just sifted icing sugar and softened butter, of course you can add different colors and flavors if you want to. These are what buttercream cupcakes look like…….

They are Hydrangea buttercream cupcakes, which are vanilla buttercake. For buttercream you need to use piping tubes(you can make them out of paper,plastic sheets or buy a plastic one that has a handle.). There are also different kinds of icing tips that have different shapes, so you can make something like this or a smoother version that can make a rose, there are many different kinds so you can make lots of different patterns on your cakes!

The #2 type of icing: Fondant. (It’s yuck for me!)

Fondant is a soft play dough like icing that’s very good for decorating and making figurines. Like this Bunny! Fondant remains soft after decorating and does not completely dry out, though it might form a crust, but never dries hard.

Fondant can be made at home,though of course more people prefer to buy it ready made. Unlike buttercream icing that can be thinned out with water,fondant has to be made from scratch from a different recipe if you want a different consistency.

Fondant definitely melts in warm weather, gets cracks if you freeze it too long, and tastes horrible. It’s just sugar and water-ish, but the taste was really weird for me.

The #3rd and final icing: Royal Icing

This is royal icing, I think you have to use a thinner tube, and you just squeeze it on a stencil and wait for it to dry. Royal Icing dries to bone-hard consistency, making it brittle and easy to crack(like my friend’s 2-month old royal icing cake :P). Royal icing is easy to pour and dries very fast. It is easier to work with compared to fondant, because fondant needs more practice and expertise.

I guess it’s not vegetarian because it has egg white in it.

You can use Royal Icing for cookies too! Doesn’t look that hard does it? These Christmas cookies look nice.

This is a Royal Icing cupcake! Duh. If you look closer you can see the difference between this and a fondant cupcake. I guess you just draw the butterfly on a flat stencil, then stick it on the cupcake and prop the wings up with some crumpled up tissue. When it dries it will stay that shape.

That’s all the types I know of! There are more but these are the most often used ones. Hope you enjoyed reading~

(I posted this on my other account a few months ago, but since I don’t want you to go there, you can just read it here!)