2011 seems to be getting better and better!

It is the 23rd of  February, 9.37am, 2011. I am sitting here in the reading room at my uncle’s condo thinking of what to write about. There’s lots of stuff I wanna write, but I just don’t know how. And at the moment my brain feels like a squashed tomato right now because I didn’t sleep and haven’t had breakfast. Yet. Not eating is a very sad thing for me.

Okay so what am I going to do today? I’m going to go to Sungai Wang to get Karen her birthday present, then erm…..hopefully have lunch, and after that my mom shall dump(okay drop if you prefer) me at Karen’s. Then she’s gonna go back to Penang. Sob. T.T

One of the good things that happened this year started on New Year’s Day. I think I was in PD with Karen and Adrian watching- “BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK~” oops, sorry, I just couldn’t resist. 😛 Watching fireworks with K and A and we were like….”Wooow…fireworks…” Adrian for some reason was acting like Juliet waiting for Romeo to come save her.I’m serious. He was leaning over the balcony looking really…dreamy with me and Karen staring at him…*awkward moment. Then we had a beach barbecue because it was EuEan’s (Karen’s youngest brother’s) birthday. One of the very scary and weird thing after dinner was that EuFai and EuHan were catching hermit crabs and putting them into like, a stadium for them to fight(not that they did) and SOMEONE put a hermit crab on my neck. At that moment I thought it was so scary I screamed, but now that I look back at it, hermit crabs, crabs in general, are cute…creatures. Next time I go to PD I’m gonna spend time playing with them. *5 seconds later….GET THAT UGLY CRAB AWAY FROM ME!!! *sigh. Oh well I guess some things just take time.

The second good thing that happened to me was that I baked( and iced) my own birthday cake. It was blue and vanilla flavored and it had white clouds on it. That’s it. With the amount of icing sugar I put in my buttercream, I could’ve made a whole kindergaten of kids hyper. I need to work on my buttercream recipe.

Okay, 3rd thing! Chinese New Year!!! I got lots of angpow, and lots of angpow= lots of MONEY! $_$ Total I think I got about 400 something. I know that’s not much but at least it’s something! I made sardine rolls with grandma,and enjoyed eating COOOKAAYYSS from a hamper we got…yum….that making me hungrier. I went out with Jet, whom I haven’t see since the camp in December( oh all right, I’ll write about it later!) He was an hour late. I nearly killed him for that. But we had a great time, he made me walk the whole Queensbay Mall for 2 hours, then we went to Borders and I got a new book: I am Number Four. I think it’s a lousy book and a waste of my 40 bucks but the movie looks nice so I guess me and Jet will go watch that too.

4th GREAT thing that happened! My mom got me a new camera a few days ago!!! It’s pink and completely touchscreen and It. Is. The. Coolest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Seen. I named him/her( I haven’t quite decided yet!) Perry. For two reasons, 1. I absolutely LOVE The Band Perry!!! and 2. Pink+Berry= Perry. I are havin’  so much fun with it!!! It also has a really nice charger AND table tripod( really tiny one) and an extra battery! Yay me!!! 😀

So now I am going out shopping and eating and I can’t wait to get Karen’s pressie!!! I am so exhausted now. Time to eat, err, I mean go! See ya real soon!!!

PS. I only wrote this damn thing because Karen and Adrian’s “Do you have a blog?” question won’t get out of my mind. SO now I DO and my conscience is CLEAR!!! YAY!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!! okok time for FB-ing. Bye….


Let’s see…where to start?!

A lot of people have asked me if I have a blog, blablabla…..and I do…it’s just I never post anything. Haha.

So I think now’s a good time to update my blog, post more stuff, and actually start using this account I created god knows how many years ago. -.-”

I would LOVE to update it now but unfortunately I only have 9 minutes of battery left in the laptop and my screen is flickering too much. TTFN!!! I’ll be back SOON!!! 😀